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Lymm Webcam Applet

Now you can download a whole day in Lymm and view from sunrise to sunset.

Lymm Webcam Applet
Download the webcam applet

This applet is taken from a Summer day in July 2002 and shows over 400 images taken from the webcam.

You can also control the images, viewing each one individually, or as an animation.

Click here to download the applet. (8.2MB)

Warning: The applet is large, it will take a long time to download on 56K connections.

Click the 'Save as' option when prompted and save to a place easy to find (for example on your desktop).

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Webcam Info

The camera updates every 3 minutes throughout the day. It takes a rest between 3am and 5am to error check itself.

If you spot any unique/ interesting images, right-click the image and go to 'save as'. Email us the image and you may win a prize!

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