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Views from the Webcam

Below are some of the more interesting images collected by viewers of the webcam.

If you spot anything unique on the webcam, please send it to Lymm Net! - Remember, the webcam doesn't record so you may be the only person viewing it.

Simply right click the live image and 'save file as', then email it!

Just incase you didn't know where the webcam was!

The webcam over Christmas 2001

Late night snow and fog patches!

More Snow

And more!

Who's the strange figure at the cross?

Let's build some houses in this gap next to the Cross!

Foggy Winter Day


Flash Floods!

Where is everyone? (Thanks to Thomas Mills)

Bright lights on a cold November night

Mysterious naked person on the cross! (larger view below)

James fixing the webcam before Christmas

Warrington Public Transport!

April Fools joke - read full article here, many people fell for it!

'Make Poverty History' Banner around the cross

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Webcam Info

The Webcam has been updating the image since May 2001. It updates 420 times a day over a 20 hour period.

So far it has updated 168,000 times!

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