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Duck Race!

Easter Monday - 1st April 2002

The crowds gathered at Lymm Dam to watch the launch of hundreds of ducks into the weir at Lymm Dam.

Annual Duck Race

Traditionally Stockton Heath Fire Brigade assists the launch, however this year they were called out on a "shout" and could not attend the event. Instead Lymm Round Table, the organisers, undertook the launching of the numerous ducks and they had no trouble negotiating the weir to cascaded down the gorge and float down through the Dingle, some more slowly than others, to finally reach the end of the race at the Lower Dam in the village.

Undisturbed by the invasion of plastic imposters

The ducks on the lake seemed undisturbed by the invasion of plastic imposters on the Dam :-)

The crowds played their part by cheering the ducks on their way and blowing "quickies" of encouragement.

The winning Corporate Duck this year was : Trattoria Baci" and the individual duck was won by Ben Hammer

(Lymm.Net's Corporate Duck failed to find any form)

The funds raised are going to be donated to local charities - Riding For The Disabled and The Lymm House Bound.

A quacking good time was had by all. Thanks to everybody who sponsored and supported the event.

More Photos: | Page Two | Page Three Preparing the launch

They're off!

Down the dam!

Crowds gather at the Lower Dam

The first ducks down the Dam

More Photos: | Page Two | Page Three

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