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Duck Race!

Easter Monday - 24th April 2000

Warrington Juvenile Pipe Band & Peter Powell - Town Crier
A beautiful sunny morning saw the 'village folk' gathering at Lymm Dam.

The Round Table organisation were busy selling Ducks to the crowd (£1 per Duck, £25 per Corporate Duck)

The Warrington Juvenile Pipe Band (including the McKenzie Family) were playing to the gathering.

The swans on the lake seemed undisturbed by the invasion of plastic ducks on the Dam :-)

The Cheshire Fire Brigade were in charge of the launch, using fire hoses to guide the ducks down the weir to the Dingle and lower Dam. Once the net was full, the town crier (Peter Powell) announced the start of the race.

Warrington MENCAP

The Duck race was launched by Lisa Kerr, Emma Clare, Mary & Lisa Park, Anne Watson, and Janice Ashmore from Warrington MENCAP.

The crowds followed the race down through the Dingle waiting at the lower Dam for the winners.

The support was fantastic, thanks to everyone who made it possible, Especially the Round Table, Warrington Fire Service,Warrington Pipe Band, Peter Powell and Warrington MENCAP.

The winners were:

1st Prize - (No. 217) : Miss Holloway, winning £100
2nd Prize - (No. 604) : C Kerry, winning £50
3rd Prize - (No. 46) : C Allderidge, winning £25

Corporate Duck winner was (No. 18) : Bee Creative, winning a meal for two at Lymm Hotel.

This year, all proceeds are being donated to Warrington MENCAP.

More Photos: | Page Two | Page Three

More Photos: | Page Two | Page Three

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