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Lymm Artists Exhibition

On the 8th June the start of Lymm Festival Week, Lymm Village Hall new Council Chamber hosted a wonderful exhibition of nine local artists work.

The exhibition was opened by the Mayor of Warrington, Sheila Woodyatt and Consort Neville Woodyatt.

The Artists

The Exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday 9th until Tuesday 12th June 01 opening times are 11.00 am - 9.00 pm.
Some of the paintings and limited prints are for sale.
The Artists who are exhibiting are:

Valerie Wright
Julie Scott
Pauline Ashworth
Joe Beethem
Chris Melrose
Judy Dransfield
Will Swindlehurst
Janice Hardman
Jacqueline Marshall

Each artist has individual flair and style making the Exhibition an opportunity not to be missed.

If this first event has set the standard of the quality for the rest of the events taking place in Lymm Festival Week, everybody in Lymm should have a great week packed full of fun and entertainment!! The organisers have worked together to offer a wide range of entertainment to suit all age groups. All we need is you to come to the village every night and join in the Festival atmosphere! A holiday without going away!

Check out the Diary of Events at

Mayor of Warrington, Sheila Woodyatt and Consort Neville Woodyatt.

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